All clients of PARTNERS IN KNOWLEDGE UK LTD (PIK-London) are advised of the following Refund Policy prior to their enrolment in any of our services (training programs, seminars, workshops and e-learning).  This may include -and not limited to- electronic communication (email) and Website.


  1. A request for a refund MUST be provided in writing to PIK-London.
  2. Party (ies) and Person (s) entering into an agreement to enrol in any of our services (training programs, seminars, workshops and e-learning) accept that the viability of a service is dependent on delegates and student numbers, and delegates or students withdrawing from a service after the stated date accept that no refund will be given.
  3. Fees are fully-refunded LESS admin-charges” if an attendee cancels 3 weeks (15 working days, Monday-Friday) prior commencement of any of our services (training programs, seminars, workshops and e-learning).
  4. If PIK-London is unable to provide for the service (training programs, seminars, workshops and e-learning), fees will be fully refunded or set against same service at a different date subject to approval by the party or the person making the payment.
  5. Where PIK-London has made a decision for a refund, payment will be made with 4 weeks after the decision is made and concerned party will be notified in writing.
  6. PIK-London will pay the refund amount to the Party/Person who enters into the contract with PIK-London.
  7. Party refer to any business organisation whether private or public, whether profit making or a charity and of any size and nationality.

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