The Brain Approach in Business
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When did you last stop to think about how you work at work – and whether the way you work could be changed to help you be more successful? The Business Brain Train Seminar provides a thoroughly enjoyable environment for you to explore these questions. It shows how to make yourself more effective using mind mapping; teaches techniques for faster, more effective reading, and shows how to use memory systems to remember information. It examines techniques for idea generation, creativity and problem solving; planning; time management; and inter-personal communication skills (including making a speech and how to improve meetings). It focuses on core skills required for success in any enterprise. The seminar helps individuals: • Read faster and read better (combining speed reading with techniques for better comprehension). • Learn how to use mind mapping for planning, note-making and clearer-thinking. • Learn the secrets of memory systems – and how to use them to remember information. • Generate ideas and use problem-solving techniques. • Develop strategies for managing time, priorities and pressure. • Understand the importance of the whole brain effect on business effectiveness.

Price Details

  • Location New York (USA)
  • Languages English,Arabic
  • Date 14-04-2025 - 25-04-2025
  • Duration 2 Weeks
  • Price £5,750.00

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