OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH (OH) - 5 Recommendations for choosing the right service provider

When deciding on an OH services provider, it is essential to move beyond surface-level methods like simple checklists or obligatory choices made without careful thought. The quality of assistance offered to employees heavily relies on the specific services encompassed in the wellness packages under consideration. Opting for services solely based on their initial appeal can lead to a squandering of resources if they do not genuinely enhance your workforce.

To guarantee that the services you select truly benefit your employees, whether related to OH, Corporate Wellness, Accelerated Healthcare Services, Health Cash Schemes, Staff Perks Platforms, or other alternatives, it is crucial to consider the following essential factors:

1/ Benefits of Staff Using Services - Prioritise services that directly benefit staff. Therapy, Coaching & Self-Help Services offer more value than generic options like factsheets or helplines. Personalised services enhance staff well-being & productivity.

2/ Benefits for your Business - In considering benefits for your business, it's crucial to focus on services that offer true value beyond simple perks. Prioritise creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the company & its employees. Key advantages include increased productivity from content & healthy employees. Seek services that support employees when needed most, like mental, physical health treatments, counselling, physiotherapy, optical & dental care.

3/ Staff Utilisation of the Service - To ensure cost-effectiveness, consider how & when staff can access services. Online access, through a client portal or smartphone app, is the preferred method. It allows employees to explore services independently, assess suitability & engage at their own pace. Services are available 24/7 for convenient, private access.

4/ Ensuring Accurate Usage Measurement - To measure usage accurately, be wary of manual usage reports from unverifiable sources. Instead, monitor usage in real-time online for reliable statistics. This feature is easy to implement for organisations, so its absence may signal a deliberate choice.

5/ Assessing Service Value - When evaluating services, it's crucial to determine if they provide good value for money. Price matters but doesn't always reflect quality, especially in brands focusing on recognition over service quality. The service's impact on staff & outcomes also affects its value. Services benefiting both employees & employers are seen as offering superior value.

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