Training program “Effective Corporate Governance”

Corporate Governance is a framework of rules and practices in which the board ensures integrity, accountability and transparency in the company's relationship with all the various stakeholders .

This framework consists of explicit and implicit contracts between the Company and shareholders to distribute responsibilities, rights and rewards, and procedures in order to reconcile the conflicting interests of shareholders in accordance with their privileges, roles and duties, as well as procedures for supervision, control and flow of information.

The importance of this concept has increased in many developed and emerging economies over the last few decades, especially in the wake of economic collapses and financial crises experienced by a number of East Asian, Latin American and Russian countries in the 1990s; and the recent economic and financial collapse of the US economy For a number of American corporate leaders in 2002.

In this regard, many economists, analysts and experts pointed to the importance and impact of the concept of corporate governance in many economic, legal and social aspects aimed at benefiting individuals, institutions and societies as a whole, which works for the safety of economies and achieving comprehensive development in both developed and emerging countries.

This training program organised by “iSolutions UK” was beneficial to all participants who enjoyed a generous sharing of stories and experiences throughout the training program. I, as the trainer of this program concluded the following:

“Corporate Governance are the moral values that govern the right and best practices of the organisation”.

Thanks to all participants in this program for their excellent effort and input, and many thanks to iSolutions UK for offering me this new learning opportunity to be added in my CPD portfolio.

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